Less Planning...                       More Adventure...

 I hail from the historic town of Hastings, East Sussex, England. If you like your history, this is a good place to frequent. One of the most famous battles in history took place not 9 miles from my home. 'The Battle of Hastings' in 1066. I spent my youth causing trouble, scraping my knees, breaking bones (my own), getting lost in the woods and skateboarding. No electronic devices to distract me unless you count a Binatone TV game. This is probably where my dislike for gadgets manifested. No GPS or sat nav guides my path. Just a good ol fashion piece of paper with a drawing of the lay of the land on it. 

I spent around 20 years training in Martial Arts. Over the years I learnt in various degrees Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Eskrima, Police Unarmed Defense Tactics, and WingTsun Kung Fu of which I have a Black Belt and taught for a few years.

I had always loved motorbikes but found the extra expense unnecessary. Once I finally got around to passing my test and buying an old jalopy of a 600 Bandit I was hooked.

After a few failed relationships, a hatred for my job as a mechanic and a desperate need for a change I booked myself onto a Pan America motorcycle tour. This would take us from Buenos Aires in Argentina to Ushuaia at the bottom of the world, then all the way North to Alaska in less than 3 months. My bike died 31 miles from the 'finish' and a friend towed me the rest of the way. I trailered the bike to a friends place in Calgary where it would sit for a year. This journey took me 17,000 miles and it changed the way I thought. It showed me how easy it was to travel and that I didn't need any one to hold my hand along the way.

After going home for another year of soul destroying work I hatched a plan. The house was already sold, my relationship with my bat crap crazy girlfriend had ended, all my debts where paid, sold some unwanted stuff for funds then flew back to Canada to rescue my fallen steed. This was May 2011 and the story still continues.

My plan was to see as much of the Earths beauty as I could, time and money permitting. What I didn't expect was to find the best of that beauty in the people I met. I have made some incredible friends and met some of the strangest and jaunty people along the way. It has undoubtedly changed me and my life for the better.  

I have also discovered a passion for writing about two wheeled travel. I'm learning all the time and hopefully getting better as I go. I have written for Adventure Bike Rider Magazine, Overland Magazine, South East Biker Magazine, contributed to the book The Worlds Great Adventure Motorcycle Routes and the charity booklet 'Motorcycle Diaries'. Overland Journal were also kind enough to interview me for a small profile in their 'fall' issue. 

Narcissism at it's finest !